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Our Partners:

ISIM Timisoara is an accredited R&D Institute in Welding and Material Testing, with scientific and technical competence in these field, recognized both at national and international levels. ISIM represents Romania in the International Institute of Welding (IIW). Its training center provides harmonized training in Welding, Non-Destructive Testing and Material Testing, and its material testing laboratory carries out an array of Destructive Tests.

EWF – European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting, is an international non-profit umbrella association aiming at the collaboration in the study and solution of welding-related problems encountered within its fields of competence and in the removal of technical barriers. The exchange of scientific and technical information, the preparation of harmonised rules for the education and training of personnel involved in welding, joining and related technologies.

CESOL is an Association of Persons and Companies, independent and non-profit, in the service of welding, adhesive bonding and additive manufacturing. The organization specializes in information, certification of people, products and processes, training, advice and technical assistance to industries that use welding, adhesives and additive manufacturing. CESOL is the international representative of Spain in international institutions and organisations.

ISQ is a private, non-profit and independent technological institution founded in 1965, based in Portugal and currently running operations in more than 40 countries across the world (EU, Eastern Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia). It offers its experience in technical inspections, technical assistance for engineering projects, consultancy services and training activities, supported by transversal research..

The University of Miskolc (UoM), founded in 1949, is the leading higher education institution in the North Hungarian Region, a non-state, but basically state-financed, industry-oriented university. Nowadays, 9000 students’ study in seven faculties. Staff number is more than 1200. Since 1997 UoM has taken part in the activities of European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)..

IIW is recognised as the largest worldwide network and centre of reference for welding and allied joining technologies. It operates as the global body for the science and application of joining technologies, providing a forum for networking and knowledge exchange among scientists, researchers, industry and educators, and disseminating leading-edge information and best practices. Through the work of its Technical..

The Italian Institute of Welding is a company that carries out Education and Training activities, performing theoretical and practical training of personnel in the field of joining and related technologies and disciplines. Supported by the Laboratory of IIS Group, it provides specialist education on welding and NdE advanced technologies and carries out tests for electronic components manufacturer.

Founded in 2009, Brandware Media started as a B2B software development company for the Romanian market. In the past 7 years, the company shifted its focus towards international clients, at the moment more than 90% of the company revenues coming from clients across EU, USA and Canada. The company is working (mostly remotely since way before the Covid-19 pandemic) with a team spread in four countries..